48 hours in Berlin.

Last weekend I had a girls weekend away in Berlin before my friend Gillian’s wedding next month. I can take absolutely no credit for any of the brilliant organising, it was all done by Gillian’s bridesmaid Emma. I thought I’d share some of the fun things we did with our 2 days in Berlin.

We stayed in the creatively designed Michelberger Hotel by Werner Aisslinger architects. The building is a converted factory turned into the hotel and offices. Gillian and I are convinced that it is the same building we stayed back in 2001 when we came on an art school trip. The bar and restaurant were really good too If you are in the area it’s worth a visit for the food alone.

We arrived on the Friday we went for a walk round to the East Side Gallery to see some of the remaining parts of the Berlin wall. Before dinner we headed to Tante Lisbeth for the underground, 1960s, 9 pin bowling. The bowling alley has 2 lanes with old wooden runners to roll the balls along. The the balls don’t have any holes which makes bowling slightly trickier, but still we managed to knock a few pins down. It was a great start to the evening before we going dancing to House of Weekend.

On Saturday afternoon we were getting to see the city sights while driving a vintage Trabant. At first this seemed like a brilliant idea and the novelty of the cars was exciting. The slightly worrying reality for the drivers became apparent when we discovered that the gear stick is on the steering wheel. These cars are also very easy to stall. For the first (and the majority) of the tour I got to enjoy the sights, take photos and see the centre of Berlin. Towards the end I took over and the dark blue car brought everyone back safely. Even if I did take the wrong road at one point. Drinks were definitely needed afterwards with dinner at District MOT.

The Wedding.

Gillian and Andrew are marrying at the Ubiquitous Chip on  Ashton Lane.  Yes I’m doing the photos, so there will be much less letting my hair down on the wedding day. They’ve booked some of my favourite suppliers so looking forward to seeing Little Botanica, Cat Robertson and Pin Up Hair.

Until then here are some of my images of our trip. I think I have just about recovered and it’s Wednesday.
Berlin Weekend Berlin Weekend Berlin Weekend