Back in May I had a wedding over on Arran at the stunning Dougarie Boat House. I packed up my family and took them with me. We made the most of the weekend on the island doing some sightseeing around my wedding. The day after the celebrations, we headed to Eas Mor to see the Library in the Woods. You can read more over on Hidden Scotland which is where I found out about it.

It’s a short but steep walk where you come to the small building surrounded by trees. Inside you find hundreds of drawings, notes and stories from visitors that have been pinned to the walls. There are lots of sheets of paper and a large choice of pencils and pens so you can add your creation to this too. It is a lovely place to wander to and great for children to explore too. We had a lovely time the day after my wedding spending some time here. Obviously my creative idea was to photograph the building and here is my stills from that visit. 

You can watch my slideshow or scroll to the gallery of images below.